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How relate CI and Location ??

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How relate CI and Location ??



I have imported some location and i have discovered some ci also ..


I want to relate these location to the corresponding CI by this way :

 - declare range IP in a (new) location field

 - if the CI's IP adress correspond to the range of a location, the system will relate it automatically (or i imagine to relate the two attibutes in a view for example) ...


Any best practices to do that ?


thanks in advance

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Re: How relate CI and Location ??

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I think could be used for this  Enrichment rules.


Best regards, Sergy.

Best Regards, Sergy.
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Re: How relate CI and Location ??

Goog idea .. thank you ....


Neither the less, i always have an issue about attributes comparison : i did not found any operator to verfiy if an IP belong to a rnage declared in location attribute .. any help ? perhaps using CiType "IPsubnet" ?

HPE Expert

Re: How relate CI and Location ??

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In my opinion, you could use following strategy:

- If you have one probe per location you could check on "IP Probe Name" attribute on IP CIs.

- otherwise you could try to setup conditions on IP Address based by specific IP range "equal like %XXX.XXX.XXX.%.

-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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Re: How relate CI and Location ??

I do not have different Probe for each location ...


I have imported location via an Integration Point (name + rangeIP as attributes)

i have discovered a few ip ranges => some nodes, cis, ipadresse, etc .. were discovered


I want to rely location and CI's using rangeIP comprison ...

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Re: How relate CI and Location ??

You can create a enrichment rule like below:


TQL Mode:-

1. Drag Location and IP Address CI type

2. Insert a join relationship b/w them and give condition as: IP Address Substring Location


Enrichment Mode:-

1. Insert relationship a + symbol will appear on this relationship

2. Save and activate the Enrichment rule.


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Re: How relate CI and Location ??

First thank you for your reply !


In location, the field containing RangeIp has value like that : OR


Does the substring function can do the operation that consists verifiyng IPAdress (of IPadresse CI Type) is included in the location RangeIP ????


Thanks in advance

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event