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Netflow V9

Valued Contributor

Netflow V9

We are currently using Netflow V9, which is not compatible with discovery at the moment. Is this correct? 
If so, what are HP reason (technically) for not supporting Netflow v9? Is there a plan to support V9 anytime in the future? 
If not, what is HP recommendation for customer with Netflow v9? Is it possible to create a custom packages for v9?  
Anyone have experience with this issues? or any more information that might help us?
Thank you
Valued Contributor

Re: Netflow V9

I have read that UD 10 support netflow v9....


Any documentation on this? I have install ucmdb 10.01 with UD 10.01 and looked at the netflow package which still state netflow v9 is not support.


Am i missing something here? 

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