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No live IPs found

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No live IPs found

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Each time we declared a ip range of type "Client" (indeed "DataCenter") with only one IP, the job "Range Ips by ICMP" went in error with "No live IPs in probe range" ...


I see for "Range IPs for ICMP" :

Select one of the following options:

  • No Ping Sweep
  • Ping Sweep within the ranges of the Management Zone
  • Ping only discovered Class B or C Networks
  • Ping only discovered Class C Networks

Note: These options apply only to ranges that are configured as Data Center type.

any idea ?


So what is the job we can use for range of type "client" (and no datacenter) ???


Re: No live IPs found

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Client in ucmdb terms mean devices that are dynamic (IP's dynamically allocated by dhcp) and should therefor (theoretically) most of the time fail the ICMP sweeps (unless you have a company policy which states all client devices be turned on and connected at certain time of day). So for client ranges discovery should not be dependent on ping sweeps and instead  use discovery by Arp Cache reads and use the MAC address rather than IP address.

So for your case, for client ranges, you should maybe look into jobs such as "IP MAC harvesting" or "Call Home" events with UD Agent deployments.






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Re: No live IPs found

thank you for your reply ...


But the job you mentionned uses SNMP credentials .. we have only NTCMD or UD credentials ...


any other idea ?

Re: No live IPs found



You say you have UD Credentials? Does that mean you have already deployed UD Agents to your client devices?


I am no hp-expert but I think if you must use client IP ranges you have the 2 options of either deploying and using UD Agents on the client devices or to get access to an SNMP enabled device where you can read Arp cache entries.


If you know exactly the IP range of your client devices and if the DHCP lease times are long you may be able to use Datacenter range and run ip sweeps more frequently on this range.. But you should evaluate this..


I would advise you to read the Data flow Management Guide below and also what the online-help in ucmdb says about IP range types.


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Re: No live IPs found

We are in the case you mentionned about DHCP lease times ... so the better solution is to use "DataCenter" type instead of "Client" ...


We already have deployed DDMI agent, so we can used UD (migrate DDMI credentials) credentials....


thanks for your replies

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event