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Pattern-based CiCollection model not generating output

Occasional Contributor

Pattern-based CiCollection model not generating output

I have created a number of pattern-based CiCollection models that contain a single CiT (Node) as the output. In each model, I use CI attributes to search for CIs - DisplayLabel like "foo%", and so on.


None of these models are generating any output, and they are not creating relationships between the models and the selected CIs. I can see in the Pattern Based Model Scheduler that there is a rule to update them every 6 hours, and the most recent run was at midday, local time.


There are also some other instance-based CiCollection models and those do seem to be generating output and relationships.


Is there something I am doing wrong? If I follow the same approach in BSM RTSM, pattern-based CiCollections do work as expected: I mark the Node CIT for output, and it does exactly that.

Occasional Contributor

Re: Pattern-based CiCollection model not generating output

I tried creating pattern-based models using different CI types. If I make the model a BusinessApplication, it works?! But not if I use CiCollection or InfrastructureService.


Any ideas?

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