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Prerequisites for ucmdb implementation

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Prerequisites for ucmdb implementation

Hi Team,

I wanted to know the Prerequisites for ucmdb implementation , as i need to to implement agentlesss deplyoment for 5000 servers for inventory discovery .

So please can you guide me what steps to be needed to implement UCMDB.


Thanks in advance !  !





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Re: Prerequisites for ucmdb implementation

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This is an open ended question, there are a lot of things to factor with a UCMDB deployment in terms of hardware, architecture,  discovery probe deployment for network access, integrations and integration probes, load balanced, will you use a standalone or embedded Browser, will you use LDAP for authentication and a lot more. I highly suggest reading the UCMDB Support Matrix PDF which has a section on requirements, sizing and compatibility and if this is for 10.22, check the Sizing Guide PDF

If you are looking for a quick answer, 5,000 servers is not a huge agentless discovery deployment.
You can use one server for UCMDB, 1 or 2 probes for Discovery (depending on what version of UCMDB), 1 database Oracle or MSSQL


Rey Lejano

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