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Probe won't stay connected

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Probe won't stay connected

I have a uCMDB 9.05 envrironment with two DFM probes on separate systems. Several weeks ago, I noticed an instability in one of the probes where it would show 'disconnected' in the Data Flow Probe setup.

I've tried many things. This weekend, I completely rebuilt the probe and added a third probe. The rebuilt probe is stable now, but the third probe is not. I moved some of the workload to the new probe and it seems the problem has followed - something  in the discovery ranges.

The third probe has about 176 ranges, from single host to 1024 addresses in size. In total, about 35K potential addresses. This probe was also stable as I added ranges, until the last set of ranges where we are discovering an SAP data center. Then it also became unstable.

In the WrapperProbeGwLog, I see the following:

  • java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  • Dumping heap to java_pid####.hprof
  • Heap dump file created [### bytes in #.#### secs]
  • Out of Memory
  • You might want to try the -mx flag to increase heap size

The install is with default settings of 256 and 512, but I did try to increase these to 512/1024 or 1024/1024 or 256/1536, etc. but that didn't seem to help at all.

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Re: Probe won't stay connected

Is there a smaller heap dump file that you can open.

Open the file and it may say which discovery job if it is a job that is causing the problem. I've seen this happen with Host Resources and Applications by WMI job with Installed Software, Process and Running Software Discoveries turned on at the same time.


Rey Lejano

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Re: Probe won't stay connected

Since you are on UCMDB 9.05 and the Probes are using MySQL

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Rey Lejano

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