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Push the UCMDB model/CI to RTSM

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Push the UCMDB model/CI to RTSM

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Need help .. 


Push the UCMDB  model/CI to RTSM 

Basically, the objective is to push the model/CI from UCMDB  to RTSM 


Basic info of my setup 


1. UCMDB 10.10   

2.  BSM - RTSM 9.23 

3. I Installed the DFP (Probe)  in UCMDB 


Can you help me how to achieve my objective 

By the way, Do i need to install/configure  the DFP (probe)  in the RTSM  ?



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Re: Push the UCMDB model/CI to RTSM



I believe this question should be post in UCMDB side:




You need to setup the integration point on the target server which is the UCMDB in order to push data.


If you need to push CI's from RTSM to UCMDB->configure the integration point in UCMDB.
If you need to push CI's from UCMDB to RTSM ->configure the integration point in RTSM.


Below are the steps for pushing CI's from RTSM to UCMDB:
1. Go to Integration studio and select the UCMDB 9.x
2. Configure the integration point
NOTE: In port you need to select the RTSM port (this is the port of the DPS server - 21212)
3. Do a “Test connection”
4. In “Integration Jobs” select Add Query ( ) configure the job and select the Query
5. Run “Sync All Data” ->
After running the all data sync in the future you need to run only “Sync Changes: ->


You can also check the following DFM guide on page 145 - Work with Population Jobs and page 158 - Integration Point Pane. For further reference, check the page 180 of the Data Flow Management Guide - Integrating Multiple CMDBs:




Hope it helps

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Re: Push the UCMDB model/CI to RTSM

Thanks for info 

I able to pull data from RTSM to UCMDB 

In  UCMDB , I create a intrgration point and work fine 

for testing purposes  I created  a mode/CI   in RTSM to check if the model/CI that I created will populate to UCMDB  and working fine ..


See my screenshot in UCMDB integration 



Now (viceversa) is my goal 


my objecive is to push CI's from UCMDB to RTSM  ?

Can u help me what is the step  ?

Do I need to install the probe in  RTSM ?

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Re: Push the UCMDB model/CI to RTSM

first you should install probe in RTSM 


second you have to import CMStoRTSM package will find it in BSM DP server and then configure an integration point from RTSM.


Thank you

Haytham Hosny

Haytham Hosny

Re: Push the UCMDB model/CI to RTSM

can yo help me the step by step procedure 

From installing the probe and too the configuration 

because I don't have exprience install the probe in RTSM 

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Re: Push the UCMDB model/CI to RTSM

Please follow up the details in CMS to BSM integration , this will guide you step by step


Thank you

Haytham Hosny
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