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Question on API call getFilteredCIsByType

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Question on API call getFilteredCIsByType

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Hello peoples...


I am trying to send the following through the http://BSMServer.address.com/axis2/services/UcmdbService web service and getting "Internal error occurred" 


Here is the request that i am sending:



 I am trying to return an Ip Address CI with name:




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Re: Question on BSM Open API getFilteredCIsByType



if no one can help on this, can you at least point where to troubleshoot the OpenAPI calls?    


I ran a full search on all my log files, in DP and GW and none have API_SCRIPT anywhere in the files (which i am sending as the context).    


Do i need to put something on Debug?    








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Re: Question on BSM Open API getFilteredCIsByType



You might have better luck getting an answer for this by posting it to the UCMDB forum:





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Re: Question on BSM Open API getFilteredCIsByType

the CMDB web service is a valid part of RTSM (which is still part of BSM...no?)

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Re: Question on BSM Open API getFilteredCIsByType

Well, i was able to get past the issue i was having.    


Using SOAP-UI to connect to the web service, i have now figured out that you need to use jmx credentials for these commands (i got the impression from the docs that it was applicaiton (BSM/ucmdb) credentials with the API permission enabled in users and permissions.   This is not clear in the documentation.).   


Also, SOAP-UI has three types of authentication (in the AUT tab), use default JMX credentials of admin/admin, leave the domain field blank, and select NTLM/kerberos as the authentication method.  


This worked for me.   Hope it does for you too..  

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event