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Replicate the HP UMDB

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Replicate the HP UMDB

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Please suggest, if there is any way to replicate the whole CI Information of one HP UCMDB server to some other test machine( means a simple export from one machine and import to another machine).

Thanks and Regards,
Atul Gupta



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Re: Replicate the HP UMDB

You should use Replication capabilities.
Admin -> Settings -> Federated CMDB
E.g. create 2 Data Stores:
1. based on CmdbRmiAdapter - the data provider
2. based on CmdbSoapAdapter - the data consumer
Create a replication job from 1 to 2.
You will also need to create an "Integration" TQL which will describe the topology you intend to replicate.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event