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SSO in UCMDB Browser


SSO in UCMDB Browser

Hi Experts

Is that possible to configure SSO without entering credentials can login to UD and uCMDB Brower.

Am aware of LW-SSO but my customer requirement is to when we click on link it should be automatically take inside of UI or Browser without loging in any other tools.




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Re: SSO in UCMDB Browser

We are looking for the same


Re: SSO in UCMDB Browser

my understanding is that AJP connections are required if you want to achieve IDM SSO (login in via your windows or other type of accounts that go through a TAM)

This is doable previously, refer to uCMDB deployment guide for 10.20, where there is a section describing hwo to set this up with CA SiteMinder. 

However I've had a support case where I was informed that AJP feature is dropped in the latest jetty version (which uCMDB uses) so effectively means that this is no longer possible, no solution exists yet AFAIK.

Also this means that you can't host uCMDB on IIS as it also uses AJP


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Re: SSO in UCMDB Browser

I can confirm this works with CA Siteminder for authentication then users can go to UCMDB or Browser and SSO will take them into the application without a login page

Rey Lejano


Re: SSO in UCMDB Browser

did u try it with 10.22?

If you did I'm curious how you accomplished it given that 10.22's jetty has dropped AJP support.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event