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Server status is not ready

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Server status is not ready

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I m having problem in UCMDB as I hav installed ucmdbserver.exe and discoveryprobe.exe.and sql 2000. now the prblem is that the ucmdb server status is not ready I have attached the snapshot of the error.please help me in getting problem resolved.



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Re: Server status is not ready


I had the same failure and in my case it was the db which was not configured corrctly.
Did you configure the db as described in the db guide?
Did you checked the log file, are there any entries with db connection problems?

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Re: Server status is not ready

Thanks David,

But still my problem is not resolved.I had checked all database configuration but still having the same problem.
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Re: Server status is not ready

Hi Pooja

In my experience once you initialize the HPBAC/CMDB server, it takes good amount of time to bring up all services and show the server status as READY.

You would have noticed that if you click on the nanny status and the HAC status, lots of services begin in a particular order and the server status is set to ready only when all the services are ready.

Hope this helps
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Re: Server status is not ready

Following steps would be useful.

1- If its a new install verify that All DB instances were created successfully. You can check it using DB tools (depending on SQL 2000 or 2005 or oracle version).
2- Make sure that you can connect using the user you created while installing UCMDB (try creating a test DSN).
3- Ckeck under j2f folder logs if any of the core processes having issues.
4- Check if Java was installed properly and available from command prompt (as a test run java -version)

5- If all applications are running on same box make sure enough CPU cycles and Memory resources are available. As your first goal is to verify that applications are up and running.
-Try stopping discovery and ucmdb first.
- now make sure sql server is up and running and u can logon using DSN
- now start ucmdb and check if it can start.
- In the end start discovery probe and continue.

6- check under events mmc if you see any fatal service errors on the box.

7- If still having issues zip the logs fiolder and upload to the forum. Will be able to help further once I see the logs.

Last thing but most important one make sure you have valid license for the application:)


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Re: Server status is not ready


Again i m facing the same problem,just now when i restart my system, ucmdb server stopped, showing server status not ready.I m unable to find the root cause though i hav checked the log file.I hav attached the log file plz go thru it & hep me in resolving my problem.

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Re: Server status is not ready


Somebody plz help me in solving my problem.Its urgent.

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