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UCMDB 8.2 - Asset Manager 5.12 Integration

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UCMDB 8.2 - Asset Manager 5.12 Integration

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Dear all,

I am looking aroung possible ways of building such integration in both directions. Could you please tell me possible ways you know. Thank you.


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Re: UCMDB 8.2 - Asset Manager 5.12 Integration

The latest HP solution for your scenario is allowed in the following ways:

1. Use Federation from Asset Manager to UCMDB

2. Use Connect-IT from UCMDB to Asset Manager.

These are the acceptable data flow and you will need the adapter folder and adapter integration zip file to make this work.

See the attached file for assistance and hope this helps.

Re: UCMDB 8.2 - Asset Manager 5.12 Integration

Thank you very much, Ode, for your reply

I am using the same guide to build the Integration. But I have problems while direction 1) from Asset Manager to UCDMB (using adapters)

In this way, I have working federation but I cannot save CIs to UCDMB database ( replication doesn't work)

Did you set such integration, were you succeded in Replication CIs?

Thank you.

Re: UCMDB 8.2 - Asset Manager 5.12 Integration

What am I doing, Saying more specific.

from Asset Manager site:
1. I created SQL views in Asset Manager to Access the Asset Manager database (as shown on p.25 of guide) 2. I added dtSACMCreate to Asset Manager Portfolio Items (from page 25) From UCMDB site:
1. I deployed AMDBAdapter.zip to UCMDB (connection test successful) 2. I Created the Asset Manager Adapter store (connection test successful) 3. I created Asset Manager replication job.

For configuring AMDBAdapter the Integration guide staits (p53):
"4 Select AMDBAdapter in the list of adapters.
5 Display the Supported CI Types tab.
6 CI Types for which the checkboxes are checked are federated. The others are replicated."

In case I leave checkboxes checked I can see Asset Manager's Data in UCMDB (so federation works).  In case checkboxes are unchecked I can see nothing (neither federation, nor replication work)

I would be glad for any advice, thank you.
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Re: UCMDB 8.2 - Asset Manager 5.12 Integration

when you stated, in case "I leave the boxes checked, federation works"

Do you mean you checked more than the required queires?

normally for a new federation setup, it takes a little while for things to come into UCMDB.

How are you populating Asset manager? is it via DDMi or pure importing/manual of assets into Asset manager?

See below conditions that also needs to be met for federation to work properly.Most times when the asset (e.g A Server) does not have the required attributes populated in AM, federation will not occur.
In what conditions are amComputer records replicated to HP Universal CMDB?
amComputer records are replicated if the following conditions are met:
n The portfolio item linked to the amComputer record is in use
(amPortfolio:seAssignment = In use).
n The amComputer record is linked to at least one network card
(amComputer:NetworkCards link), whose
amNetworkCard:TcpIpAddress and amNetworkCard:PhysAddress
fields are populated.
n The amComputer:ComputerType field of the amComputer record must
have a value that is present in the second column of the DeviceCategory_ID
-> Computer type -> CI Type mapping [page 49] table.

if this does not work, attach your core fcmdb log files and will review.

Re: UCMDB 8.2 - Asset Manager 5.12 Integration

Hi Ode,

I populated Asset Manager manually ( without DDMi)

Yes, I didn't meet conditions you listed earlier, thank you. Now I did it for one test asset in Asset Manager system. And I have such error in log file, while running replication job:

com.hp.ucmdb.federationspi.exception.DataAccessGeneralException: SOAP fault received: A CXmlApiException was raised in native code : error 16 : scxmlapi(16) - Invalid or missing file name in XML request
at com.mercury.topaz.fcmdb.adapters.serviceDeskAdapter.push.SmPusher.sendMessage(SmPusher.java:129)
at com.mercury.topaz.fcmdb.adapters.serviceDeskAdapter.push.SmPusher.pushObjects(SmPusher.java:116)
at com.mercury.topaz.fcmdb.adapters.serviceDeskAdapter.push.SmPusher.push(SmPusher.java:70)
... 37 more

at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.fcmdb.util.ExceptionConverter.createAdapterAccessGeneralException(ExceptionConverter.java:126)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.fcmdb.util.ExceptionConverter.createAdapterAccessException(ExceptionConverter.java:42)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.fcmdb.dataAccess.operation.impl.AbstractDataAccessAdapterOperation.createAdapterAccessException(AbstractDataAccessAdapterOperation.java:56)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.fcmdb.dataAccess.operation.impl.AbstractDataAccessAdapterOperation.doExecute(AbstractDataAccessAdapterOperation.java:41)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.manage.operation.impl.AbstractFrameworkOperation.commonExecute(AbstractFrameworkOperation.java:17)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.manage.operation.impl.AbstractCommonOperation.execute(AbstractCommonOperation.java:62)
... 31 more

Thank you.
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Re: UCMDB 8.2 - Asset Manager 5.12 Integration

an xml file seems to be missing in your config.

did you deploy the SM integration package yet? if not, pls go ahead and do it and re-rerun the replication job. if everything is set and those conditions are met, you should be able to run your job successfully.

for further troubleshooting, check the AM View tables to ensure they are not in "invalid" status. if they are too, re-compile them and re-run the job. this happened to me earlier.


Re: UCMDB 8.2 - Asset Manager 5.12 Integration

Thank very much you, Ode

I succeeded in replicating to UCMDB database CI type "computer" from Asset Manager.
But I did not have CIs of Asset's CI type "printer" replicated. Do you know, Is there a possibility to replicate (to save to UCMDB database) CIs of "printer" types from Asset Manager?

Best Regards, Mikhail.
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Re: UCMDB 8.2 - Asset Manager 5.12 Integration

if you can send an xml output of the following CI types in UCMDB, that will help

1. Host
2. Host Resources

and also the screenshots of your AMDAdapter configurations for

1. Supported CI Types
2. Supported Queries


Re: UCMDB 8.2 - Asset Manager 5.12 Integration

Hi Ode,

I attached all files you asked, look at them, please.

Thank you,
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Re: UCMDB 8.2 - Asset Manager 5.12 Integration

i cannot download your attachment. send it directly to ayo.omosebi@noc-serve.com


Re: UCMDB 8.2 - Asset Manager 5.12 Integration

Hi Ode,
I sent you letter with attachment.

Actually, seems to me

Only CIs that correspond to AMComputer form in Asset Manager are replicated to UCMDB database succesfully.
(they are apperar in UCMDB database)

Others are only federated (without saving to UCMDB database)

So for the purposes of integration all CIs should be in AMComputer form in Asset Manager. But what if I need to integrate CIs that are not correspond to that table?

Is there a possibility to access from Service Mananger CIs that are only federated in UCDMB
(CIs that are not saved in UCDMB database)?
For the purposes of linking them to incidents, interactions and etc.
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Re: UCMDB 8.2 - Asset Manager 5.12 Integration

since you have to meet the conditions for amCOmputer tables in AM, any CIs that does not meet the criteria will not be replicated.

regarding UCMDB-> SM, you will need to setup the integration using the adapters as stated in the UCMDB_SM7.x Integration guide.

will go through your attachment as stated in the e-mail.

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