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UCMDB 8 - Enrichment rule help

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UCMDB 8 - Enrichment rule help

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I'm trying to create a specific enrichment that's problably simple to define, but I'm stuck.


i.e. I have a host with some number of processes.


I've created an integer attribute on the host CIT called number_of_processes... How could I enrich that attribute?


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,




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Re: UCMDB 8 - Enrichment rule help

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I would not immediately consider using an enrichment rule for that. Enrichments are usually used to add, delete or update CI's. When updating a CI using the enrichment function of uCMDB one usually modifies an attribute directly, with a discrete value. I would consider modifying the host inventory script (by Shell or WMI) and fill your new attribute directly, counting the number of processes and returning the count variable.


The code below for example, when added to TTY_HR_Process_Lib.py (replacing the old addProcess routine) will update a custom Node CIT attribute called "number_processes":


def addProcess(pdu, hostId, cleanCommand, pid,  commandLine, commAndPath, cleanArgs, 
               processList, discoverProcesses, myVec, hostOSH, startuptime = None, owner = None):
    pdu.addProcess(hostId, cleanCommand, pid, commandLine, commAndPath, cleanArgs, owner, startuptime)

    processID = cleanCommand
    if commandLine != None:
        processID = processID + '->' + commandLine

    if ((processID in processList) != 0):
        logger.debug('process: ',cleanCommand,' already reported..')
    processCount = len(processList)
    if discoverProcesses:
        processOsh = modeling.createProcessOSH(cleanCommand, hostOSH, commandLine, pid, commAndPath, cleanArgs, owner, startuptime)
        hostOSH.setAttribute('number_processes', processCount)		 
        logger.debug('Process count = ', processCount)


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event