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UCMDB Cisco discovery with SSH

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UCMDB Cisco discovery with SSH

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We are trying to use UCMDB 8.0 for Cisco switches. We have to use SSH, not SNMP for discovery.

I was able to run SSH discovery probe against several Linux servers OK.

When probe is pointed at Cisco Nexus 7000, ssh session fails. Communication log shows message

Failed detecting OS type. Exception received: com.hp.ucmdb.discovery.library.clients.protocols.command.TimeoutException: Command timed out: Exceeded timeout after 15000 milliseconds

SSH: Command timed out

For the note:
* I've verified that I can connect to Cisco by ssh from the host where probe run and

* I use same credentials in probe configuration.

Could somebody help with following:
1) Does DDM Probe supports Cisco for SSH discovery?

2) If yes, where should I look for configuration details to make it work.

Thank you in advance,


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Re: UCMDB Cisco discovery with SSH

Are you using execCmd method? Did you try to use "executeCmdWithTimeOut"?

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Re: UCMDB Cisco discovery with SSH

I am using web interface to start discovery:
Infrastructure Discovery -> Configure and Run ... and so on
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Re: UCMDB Cisco discovery with SSH

I would say that Cisco switches may be discovered only by SNMP out-of-the-box.
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