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UCMDB Integration with SM

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UCMDB Integration with SM

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I hav installed UCMDB and SM on diff. machines.
I want to integrate them,i hav also installed Connect-It on the machine having SM.Plz tell me the steps for integration.Also i m unable to find the file:UCMDB7-SCSM.zip.
Kindly help me.



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Re: UCMDB Integration with SM

Hi all,

we have the same problems and we encountered a lot of difficulties on such an activitiy. Any suggestions on the steps to follow to integrate BAC and SM would be really appreciated.
Thanks a lot,

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Re: UCMDB Integration with SM

Hi Elena

Sorry!I hav no idea about BAC & SM integration.
I think u can do it by using Connect-It.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event