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UCMDB Physical Memory in GB???

Valued Contributor

UCMDB Physical Memory in GB???

Dear All,


We are using UD 10.1. Normally in UCMDB discovery windows server will discover the Windows physical memory in kb/ mb. But in our environment the windows physical memory should be display in GB. SO kindly let me know the steps how to change it.





Re: UCMDB Physical Memory in GB???

It can be achieved by Editing the Windows HRA job script wmi_dis_memory_lib.py. Divide again by 1024 to get the result in GB



 while resultSet.next():
        memoryCounter = memoryCounter + 1
        # physical memory in bytes
        if resultSet.getString(1):
            sizeInKb += int(resultSet.getLong(1) / 1024)
    if sizeInKb:
        memory.report(OSHVResult, containerOsh, sizeInKb)
    logger.debug("Discovered ", memoryCounter, " memory slots")

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event