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UCMDB Probe Job status

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UCMDB Probe Job status

I have UCMDB Probe jobs that are constantly showing a 0% progress instead of Scheduled.  Whay is this the case, and what are the steps to rectify this situation?


We are using Version 10.10 on Windows OS




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Re: UCMDB Probe Job status

Hi Raph-p,


Could you please explain more about your issue or share with us some screenshots?


Best regards,


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Re: UCMDB Probe Job status

Ran the ClearProbeData routine.  Fixed issue.

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Re: UCMDB Probe Job status

Actually you didn't fix anything by clearing the probe cache. You simply removed the stored work you've already done and reset the problem. You'll run into the same issue again. Soon.


While you may be on 10.10 with a different Probe engine, the symptoms are the same and the probe requires tuning.

We're going to try and escalate tuning this probe following Discover.


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