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UCMDB - SM integration SM PUSH job failed

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UCMDB - SM integration SM PUSH job failed

HI  Experts,


I have created ucmdb - sm integration and test connection is also succeeded.


I am trying to run SM PUSH and populaton jobs, the jobs are completed successfully but the CIs are not pushing to SM.


can anyone help me with this please.





Thanks in advance..




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Re: UCMDB - SM integration SM PUSH job failed



I think you need to start by reading the documentation. Then you will find that in your adapter settings you can find the query that is used for your push. You can open that query and calculate to see if it contains any ci's. If it does contain ci's then monitor you sm log to see what is happening.


You need to configure the wdsl part in hpsm to make the right mappings also.




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Re: UCMDB - SM integration SM PUSH job failed

Hi Ronald,

Thank you for your reply.. For your information, I am using OOTB jobs and query.

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Re: UCMDB - SM integration SM PUSH job failed

hi this is the error message which i am getting


Other Error from SM, return code 7, the error message is "Specified Name Not Found"

CI Push Details:
Source tree XML:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
<node bdmType="Node" customer_id="1"
discovered_os_name="Windows 2003" discovered_os_version="5.2.3790"
discovered_vendor="VMware, Inc." display_label="emsddm"
domain_name="COELAB.COM" friendlyType="Windows"
id="ef7ed67268abfcfcec35f0813efc952b" name="emsddm"
os_family="windows" primary_dns_name="emsddm.coelab.com" serial_number="VMWARE-42 3C 05 27 26 08 BA FB-58 A6 8E 5A 75 1D 81 24">
<ip_addresss direction="outgoing" linkLabel="Containment"
linkName="32" linkType="Containment">
<ip_address bdmType="IpAddress" customer_id="1"
ip_netmask="" name="" realRelationType="Containment"/>
<interfaces direction="outgoing" linkLabel="Composition"
linkName="33" linkType="Composition">
<interface bdmType="Interface" customer_id="1"
mac_address="005056BC000F" realRelationType="Composition"/>

Transformed XML:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
<OS>Windows 2003</OS>
<SerialNo>VMWARE-42 3C 05 27 26 08 BA FB-58 A6 8E 5A 75 1D 81 24</SerialNo>
<Vendor>VMware, Inc.</Vendor>

Response message from SM:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
<CreateucmdbNodeResponse message="Specified Name Not Found"
returnCode="7" status="FAILURE" xmlns="http://servicecenter.peregrine.com/PWS"/>





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Re: UCMDB - SM integration SM PUSH job failed

It looks like it cannot find the ucmdbNode WSDL record.

First, search in SM to verify that the ucmdbIntegration service records are present. I normally got to Tailoring > Web Services > WSDL Configuration and search for "ucmdb" in the Service name field (1st field). If no results are returned, then SM is not equipped to handle the UCMDB integration.

This record (along with the scripts, WSDL and other components) is included with the UCMDB Integration Content pack for 9.30, which is a requirement for the UCMDB-SM9.3x integration to work. You can find the content pack and installation instructions here:

Christian Lacsina, Engineer
Effectual Systems Group, Inc.

Re: UCMDB - SM integration SM PUSH job failed

Good afternoon everybody.


I also have a problem with the Push job that fails.


uCMDB version : 10.10 CUP2.651, Content Pack 14.0.168

SM version : 9.34


The connection to the SM server completes successfully, but when I run the Business Service job, the following errors return:


Validation Check Fails Error from SM, return code 71, the error message is "Validation failed"

CI Push Details:
 Source tree XML:
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
<business_element bdmType="BusinessService" customer_id="1"
    display_label="Customer Activation" friendlyType="BusinessService"
    id="4f6b60814fcc325aa2b60b43d6f7b79b" name="Customer Activation"/>


      <cmn:message type="String">file:(bizservice) key:(logical.name=Customer Activation) (se.base.method,add.record.radd)</cmn:message>
        <cmn:message type="String">The record being added contains a duplicate key (se.base.method,add.record.radd)</cmn:message>
        <cmn:message type="String">file:(joinbizservice) key:(file.device,logical.name=Customer Activation) (se.base.method,add.record.radd)</cmn:message>
        <cmn:message type="String">The record being added contains a duplicate key (se.base.method,add.record.radd)</cmn:message>
        <cmn:message type="String">This record contains an invalid duplicate key.</cmn:message>


I have checked SM and there is no CIs of Business Service type currently in there. Why would the job fail if there's no CI's in SM?





//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event