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UCMDB SOAP Updates Not Appearing

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UCMDB SOAP Updates Not Appearing

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Hi All,

The short version of this is that I have an "nt" CI with two fields added to the "host" CI, cpucount and cpusocket. I would like to update these values using the web service.

Using SOAP-UI I can submit a temporary ID, the host_key value, and cpusocket=3000. I get back a CreatedIDsMap structure and everything appears to be happy, but when I go to the web GUI to verify the change went through, even after 10 minutes or so of wandering around, I see nothing.

I manually changed the cpusocket value through the web GUI to eliminate any more general problem preventing value updates.

So, any ideas? I've attached a .xml file with the SOAP request and response in it. Note that the host_key was scrubbed because I wasn't sure what that value was derived from. :)

Thanks in advance, all!

Sam Baskinger



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Re: UCMDB SOAP Updates Not Appearing

As some added information, I am able to create a "dummy" host node and manipulate the values in its fields. Is there some data ownership permission I might be violating? Maybe this "root_isupdatedbyowner" field? I'm stabbing in the dark on a lot of this.

As always, thanks for any insights.

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