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UCMDB TQL View Question

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UCMDB TQL View Question

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I would to create a view which contains all the IPs that their attribute IP DNS Name is not equal to the related Host CI Display Label attribute.
How do I create this view ?

Efrat Shwartz.



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Re: UCMDB TQL View Question

Read about using Join relationship in the uCMDB Model Management guide.
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Re: UCMDB TQL View Question

Hello Dmitry,

I read about join relationship.
I tried the following:
Connect Host to IP using the IT World Links Contained Relationship to display each host with its IPs.
Then I want to add the join relationship which should narrow the results to display only the IPs that their IP DNS Nams is not equal to the Host Display Label, however it seems that the join relation works on all the IPs and not only the IPs that are contained in the host. I don't know how to achieve both conditions.
Can you help ?

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event