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UCMDB, Update specific CI using ucmdb java api.

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UCMDB, Update specific CI using ucmdb java api.

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Hi All.


I was reading the java API, and Im not be able to find any way to update properties for an specific CI.

I want to retrieve a CI using the global_id property (could be name or other) and modify their information, for example if I have a host CI type, I want to modify the ip_address, version, etc... and make this modification in UCMDB.


I found this kind of update action can be performed using ToplogyUpdateServices




But I didn't found the correct way to use it, it means, first I want to select the CI then modify it and put the changes back to ucmdb tool.


Any help here will be truly appreciate.





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Re: UCMDB, Update specific CI using ucmdb java api.

UcmdbService service = ucmdb.getService();


TopologyUpdateService topologyUpdateService = service.getTopologyUpdateService();

TopologyUpdateFactory topologyUpdateFactory = topologyUpdateService.getFactory();

TopologyModificationData topologyModificationData = topologyUpdateFactory.createTopologyModificationData();


CI ipCI = topologyModificationData.addCI(



"global_id", "a109ba4861d082b649a56c75ce3e33b8");  <-- You can select the CI you want to modify using the ID.


"name", "wavms0033");


"description", "wavms0033");


"ip_address", "");

topologyUpdateService.create (topologyModificationData, CreateMode.



That already make what I wanted.

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Re: UCMDB, Update specific CI using ucmdb java api.

Hi All,


I want to add relations to existing CIs with java Api.Please  help me its bit urgent.


Warm regards,


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event