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UCMDB WSDL support for ServiceNow


UCMDB WSDL support for ServiceNow

Hi Experts,


We are planning to pull the CI from UCMDB to Service Now . Here we want to use REST WSDL .

Does UCMDB supports REST API for this web services integrations?




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Re: UCMDB WSDL support for ServiceNow

Hi DhanP,


At the current release, we do not support REST API to connect with Service Now and it is recommended that you can use Direct Web Services SOAP API. You can find more information in the attachment (p.1294).


Best Regards,


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Re: UCMDB WSDL support for ServiceNow

so this means we cant use REST , this is because we tried with SOAP API and while parsing in SNOW XML data we are unable to get any ( It shows NULL). That why we thought of trying with REST ..
Please suggest.
and one more if we use REST does it chnages the SOAP API WSDL url ...
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