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UCMDB - data from command line

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UCMDB - data from command line

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Does any one if you can run a command line to get CI information based on a host?

I want to run a command or SQL query etc to get IP and some CI data.

If not can you run something in the browser to get specific data on a host

Any suggestions?





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Re: UCMDB - data from command line

Are you looking for the way to get an information in a textual way?
One of the approaches would be to use JMX Console for this (CMDB Model Services)...

Another approach is to use UCMDB API and write your tiny client to fetch this information.

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Re: UCMDB - data from command line

Hi Alex

Yes, Im looking for textual info..

Where can I find the API and JMX info?

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Re: UCMDB - data from command line

Well, the API is documented in the docs supplied together with a product (there you can also find examples of API usage) - I don't have an access to live system now, so can't give you exact location.
Re JMX - open:
input jboss login/password (admin/admin by default)
CMDB Model Services
And from there you'll see methods which will be helpful for you (e.g. smthn like retrieveObjectProperties, etc.) - most of them have meaningful names.

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Re: UCMDB - data from command line


Regarding the docs Alex specified, look at "Solutions and Integrations" -> "The HP Business Availability Center APIs". (Help->Doc library)

There you will find the 2 uCMDB APIs - Web Service and Java

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Re: UCMDB - data from command line

Hi Pete,

As the guys told you JMX would be the best option, just to add more information, the JMX ports you will need to use are;

http://:29912/ = HTTP channel for the CMDB process
http://:29913/ = HTTP channel for the Viewing System process

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event