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UCMDB questions

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UCMDB questions

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i am trying to tackle around UCMDB, and i didnt know where to post my questions so i am trying here. so if anyone can help, i would be more than thnakful:

- i need to know if UCMDB can discover software CI's that exist in my environment, if a certain Has office, adobe acrobat, and any type of computer software, and if so, how can i make i initiate it to do so?
-i also need to know why UCMDB cannot identify what are the services provided by my servers, like my mail server is only showing as a server or a host, and the exchange server does not show.

so if anyone could help, it would be great.

thanks and regards.

and if i should post my stuff to another forum tell me ...



P.S. This thread has been moved from Application Perf Mgmt (BAC / BSM) Support and News Forum to CMS and Discovery Support and News Forum. - Hp Forum Moderator

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Re: UCMDB questions

this is the right forum for that since UCMDB is integrated into BAC 7.0.

Now regarding your question, yes discovery can detect software elements, for example some of the elements already existed in the CMDB such as adobe.
Many of them are not exists but you can add them by creating new CI types. Expend the software elements section under the CMDB left pane.

Regarding your 2nd question, it can show you all you want to see, it depend what sort of package used, for sure it show more then host or server, it got exchange server as well.
Expend the host section and see what you got, host resources section is another usful section.
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Re: UCMDB questions


Good to hear that UCMDB can detect these other types, but can you tell me how to do that, what docs should i read, and do u have a certain manipulation for that. i am aiming to have UCMDB dicover my HP openview service desk 4.5 application and its clients.

appreciate all the help

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Re: UCMDB questions

I'd recommend you taking a training class on uCMDB 7.0 first. That will allow you to get familiar with the product basics. If you cannot do it, then Discovery user's guide should be your first book to read.
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Re: UCMDB questions

hmm well thanx for the advice,

but taking the course is not an option right now, i just need the steps i need to perform in oreder to be able to detect HP Openview Service Desk 4.5 application as a software asset on UCMDB. that what i need right now.

thank you, and all help is appreciated.
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Re: UCMDB questions


You can discover software CIs, however, based on my experience with this tool's discovery (since 2004), I've found that when it comes to specific needs, you have to modify an existing discovery pattern or write a new one. If you want to write me directly, I'd be happy to assist you work out the specifics.

As for other locations to post, there are forums on vivit (more general and primarily focued on HPOV) and skazal.com (dedicated to UCMDB, BAC, Sitescope, & CCM


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Re: UCMDB questions

thank you
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