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UCMDB10.22 and SM9.41 integration error

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UCMDB10.22 and SM9.41 integration error


I am workingon UCMDB10.22 to SM9.41 integeration but confused which adapter to use . There are four adapters and all are working and showing successful connection.




4. ServiceManagerEnhancedAdapter9.x

Which one should I prefere for integration.


I tried with ServiceManagerEnhancedAdapter9.x but it is showing error like

"NO MAPPING IS FOUND FOR tql ' SM Comoputer Push 2.0', or cannot retrieve mapping from SM side by querynodename  [computer". Please configure in smPushConf.xml or SM configuration

So I was trying to add the query name in suggested file but I have below doubt?

what is  resourcecollectionname and resourcename??

Please help. Also find the atachment for your reference.










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Re: UCMDB10.22 and SM9.41 integration error



We have an expert day going on today in our entitled forum which is only accessible and viewable for customers with a valid SAID (Support Agreement ID) in your profile. I see that you have access. so if you want you can submit your question to this forum:

UCMDB and UD Support Customer Forum 

You need to be logged in to see and access this forum. Also outside of the expert day we always have support engineers in this forum that can address your questions.



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