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Hi, all.


Does ucmdb have any libraries available to read data in json format from an external source.  We are going to get a url to throw and get json format in return.


What protocol is used?  I don't have alot of jython experience but I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction.




Re: json

So, basically, we get a url.  If I put the url into a browser, I get a data stream in json format.  I need some idea on how to go get it with ucmdb.  I see an http protocol but I don't see any adapters that seem to apply.


Does anyone have any ideas?



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Re: json

What do you want to do with the JSON contents?


There is no OOTB package that I've ever seen that just goes and takes a JSON snippet, converts it and reads in the data. JSON is a standard protocol for web services, but the content parsing is going to be based on whoever coded the javascript object and if you wanted to automate this as "discovery" you're probably going to have to build a custom package.


CIf you want to interrogate the JSON links for discovery content? I suppose you could make use of the legacy API to create an integration point with the help of someone who could write the wrapper to convert and parse the result. If you need to create a package, I would hire Chris Satterthwaite from



Re: json

Thank you.


This is data from our network team.  It contains relationships between servers and network devices.


Would the answer be better if they can give the stream to me in .xml?



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