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uCMDB 10.20 integration to Service Manager 9.2

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uCMDB 10.20 integration to Service Manager 9.2

Hi all,

I am having a lot of difficulties with this. I cannot even get the integration point activated!

In this case, I am using the Service Manager 7.1x-9.2x Adapter.

I place the hostname/IP and Port... result is "Problem with connection", logs say "connection refused".

I have verified I can connect to port 13080 on the SM Server, from the ucmdb server (Am using the probe "integration service, which runs on ucmdb server).


Then, if I try the "URL Override", as is in the manual, running the URL:

Same error.

SM Team informs me that on HPSM 9.2, the "sc62server/ws" part makes no sense, so I changed it to the correct

"" url. Same error (logs still say connection refused), just like if I put in ".....:13080/SM/7"

Any new ideas? What should I put in the URL Override?


Re: uCMDB 10.20 integration to Service Manager 9.2

Hi Daniel,

Can you try to put with fqdn off sm server?


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Re: uCMDB 10.20 integration to Service Manager 9.2

I've tried with FQDN, hostname and IP.
also tried



13080/ (this gives a 400 bad request in the logs)

curl on the server can get the wsdl, response is:

curl -v http://sibssm.sa.sibs.local:13080
Connected to .... port 13080



Http/1.1 307 Temporary Redirect

Location: http://SIBSSM.SA.SIBS.LOCAL:13081/SM/7?lbHost=SIBSSM.SA.SIBS.LOCAL&lbPort=13080


HPSM team tells me this is normal - HPSM load balancer points me to one of five other ports. I only have firewall rules open for port 13080, not for the other ports, same as everything else that connects to HPSM - its always only via 13080.
What should be the webservice suffix? (or where to find out what it should be in HPSM?)


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Re: uCMDB 10.20 integration to Service Manager 9.2

After quite a lot of digging, I have found the following:


1) If you don't put anything in the URL override, the url used is http://<server>:10080/SM/7/

This is apparently correct.

2) My issue was (apparently, as I haven't yet managed to overcome this) the fact that HPSM's "load balancer" (quotes intended) gets the connection from port 10080, then assigns you a port between 10081 and 10085, and then you communicate through THAT port directly with HPSM.
Firewall rules were requested only for the 10080 port, not the additional 5 ports.


SO, to connect to HPSM you need to have the whole range of 10080-10085 open (or just open one port in the 10081-10085 range and url override to use that port only, bypassing the HPSM's "load balancer").


As soon as I have firewall rules enabled for this range, expect developments!

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Re: uCMDB 10.20 integration to Service Manager 9.2

It is working, and the issue is exactly as described above.

We opened only the 1084 port, used that port in the integration, and no issues.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event