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uCMDB 9.01 integration with Storage Essentials

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uCMDB 9.01 integration with Storage Essentials

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Hi all,

This is the first time I try to integrate these tools; "Oracle Database connection by SQL" job detected the oracle server that SE uses, but when I run the "SE Integration by SQL" job, it shows that there was an error processing results; when I see the error.log (attached) in the uCMDB runtime folder, it shows a not-enough-reconciliation-data error.

The database admin granted access to the appiq and report databases used by SE, and I've tried to use both databases (by introducing them into the "SQL protocol" credentials) in order to get the CIs from SE, without success.


¿Had this happened to any of you? Ideas will be appreciated.



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Re: uCMDB 9.01 integration with Storage Essentials



this is old, but did you ever get this sorted?

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Re: uCMDB 9.01 integration with Storage Essentials

with ucmdb 9.x you must ensure that you fulfill the reconciliation requirements for the particular CIT. You can see the reconciliation rulesets in CI manager under the details tab.

Basically however you are doing your data imports, replication or federation, ensure you map data to the appropriate field, in this case, the missing data is the mac address on the interface CIT and the authoritive dns name on the IP address CIT.

These CITs need these field in order to determine if a matching CI has come into the system.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event