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uCMDB/DDMA Oracle discovery

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uCMDB/DDMA Oracle discovery

Hi all,


I'm trying to run a discovery of oracle topology from UCMDB using DDMA License.

When i set the credentials for oracle connection without instance name (SID), the check credential fails but when i set the SID everything works fine.


So, should i know every instance name before runing an Oracle discovery. If yes then i have to set credentials for each oracle database? If no how can i resolve this issue to launch the discovery only with port number, login and pass?


Note that in the ucmdb documentation the instance name is optional.


Thx in advance for your precious help!

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Re: uCMDB/DDMA Oracle discovery


Do overcome this, You first run the host resources and applications Job by WMI/Shell to discover the Oracle instances.
Then you configure the credentials without the SID.
This will work

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Re: uCMDB/DDMA Oracle discovery

Thx for the answer.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event