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uCMDB-DDMi Ingtegration

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uCMDB-DDMi Ingtegration

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Hi folks,

I have a problem concerning the uCMDB-DDMi integration. I applied the OOTB solution for the integration and as I suspect the orm.xml file is very outdated (or maybe I'm doing something definitely wrong). In the xml file lots of DDMi-table fields have a wrong name which results a very poor data set in uCMDB. I checked the Windows host CI instances and almost nothing is replicated to uCMDB (there are connected CIs created by the integration, but the Windows CIs contain very few information).

I started to modify the orm.xml to correct the field names, but there are many cases when the modification doesn't have effect. I suspect that the ENUM -> String conversion could be the problem.

Does anyone from you have an updated tested orm.xml file? Both applications are OOTB.

The uCMDB version is 8.03 and the DDMi is 7.60.

Thanks in advance!



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Re: uCMDB-DDMi Ingtegration

I made some investigations and decided to use an inline SQL instead of the default solution. I think it's better because the SQL-select can act as a view and I don't have to create a view in the DDMi DB (which is not allowed).

I created the SQL select, tested it using MySQL Workbench and it's working. When I insert it into the orm.xml (as stated in the UCMDB8.03_Integrations.pdf documentation), it seems OK, but the replication task finishes with 0 results. I suspect that the result set is empty for the replication, but the query is clearly OK, I tested it.

Do you know what could be the problem? I read about Hibernate as JPA provider in the doc. Is it working this way? With MySQL?
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Re: uCMDB-DDMi Ingtegration

I finally got through it.
But there is another question.
Do you know where can I check which CIs are synced? There's a logfile where it's written in a detailed way? The orm.xml contains a query in a very implicit form. Where can one check what is returned?

Many thanks,
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Re: uCMDB-DDMi Ingtegration

Hi Barna,

Have you got the orm.xml file edited..?

Can you share it please..?

For your case....have you checked this...?

In Out of the box, the Generic DB Adapter supports only federated data, in which the source data store retains control of the information.

To perform full replication (differential and scheduled replication are not supported by
default), the following capability should be added to the element in the db_adapter.xml file:

Hope this helps.


Lovi Thomas
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event