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uCMDB Federation UI

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uCMDB Federation UI

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I am currently reading a uCMDB federation presentation from HP refering to an eclipse plugin which enables to build a federation solution through the eclipse UI. This plugin is com.hp.plugin.import_cmdb_model_1.0.jar

Does anyone know where I could find this file ?


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Re: uCMDB Federation UI

Hi Sebastien

See page 147 on the ODB developer reference guide pdf, available from

http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/manuals (select BAC , and 9.0)

this is the direct link to this pdf http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM962740/binary/BSM9.0_ODBDeveloperReference.pdf?searchIdentifier=-52187823%3a12ad77bc142%3a-2fc4&resultType=document

In case you do not have access to the link specified in the pdf (which i belive this is the case), contact HP support to have copy of this jar.

Hope this help,

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Re: uCMDB Federation UI

i have this jar ,contact me via email:btao@hp.com
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Re: uCMDB Federation UI

Thanks for your answers. This documentation refers to a sharepoint page for which I don't have an access.

dd, I'll send you an e-mail.


Re: uCMDB Federation UI



can i download "com.hp.plugin.import_cmdb_model_1.0.jar" from my cms server?
if i do, what is the path?

and if i don't where can i download from? (the path in sharepoint that is written at the pdf is not working for me.)



Alex Balfur

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