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uCMDB - automatically group related CIs

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uCMDB - automatically group related CIs

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Dear all,

I have a rather huge problem. We have a uCMDB implementation at a customer and a very large amount of data is collected. The problem is that when they view a CI (for example a windows machine) from Service Manager (so the view displays a CI and all the related CIs as well) there are simply too many CIs to show and the displaying fails. I'm thinking about grouping the related CIs by CI type (that could solve the problem). Is there any way to do such configuration on a "default" view?

At first sight it wasn't a too big problem, but nowadays it occurs at almost every computer.

Thank you in advance,


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Re: uCMDB - automatically group related CIs


Which Ucmdb version ?

Not sure what you mean by "default" view, but you can change the view definition and/or save the view with another name

1. you can increase the number of CIs displayed, but this is not always recommended from performance point of view

2. You can group by CI type(or by other property) : use the View manager, right click the node, choose "Node Grouping"
see "Node/Relationship Grouping Dialog Box" page 159 on the UCDMB model management PDF for 8.x

3. You can change the "Visible" attribute for the leaf (most-outer-level CI type) in the view. use view manager->"Node Properties". see page 376 on the PDF for full description. this may be the solution for you here also

link to PDF:

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Re: uCMDB - automatically group related CIs


Thanks for the quick reply. And sorry, I left out an important information, I'm using uCMDB 8.05. My problem is that there is no view. Actually I managed to fix the view in uCMDB problem (coded in the URL which CI types should be lefty out from the view). But the problem still exists.

Imagine the following situation. You are at the Application area, you select Topology view and do a search for a CI. Let's say for a windows host. You perform a search and below the search from you will see a list containing the search result. You click on a CI. In this case the uCMDB GUI will try to display the neighbors of the selected CI (so no views). And that's the point when I run into the error messages. And I cannot restrict anything because there is no view, no perspective applied (or is there?). Do you have any idea what to do in this case? Delete related CIs and switch off discovery jobs?

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Re: uCMDB - automatically group related CIs

Hi Barna

This is from the model management help, hope it will help you. do not forget to restart UCMDB after changing this.

Reset the maximum number of CIs allowed in the configuration parameters.
Select the Foundations context in Infrastructure Settings Manager. Select the
Max Object Count GUI for TS parameter under UCMDB common â Viewing
Settings. However, be aware that increasing the maximum number of CIs
per layer may significantly slow down the redrawing of the Topology Map.
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Re: uCMDB - automatically group related CIs

Hi Barna, I can understand your problem we too have the same issue and finally ended-up increasing the maximum CIs to display. Though the selection takes time the application never crashed.
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Re: uCMDB - automatically group related CIs

Amit, Loys,

Thank you. I checked the critical CIs and unfortunately this may not help me. I have a windows CI which has 5236 related CIs (many of them are service addresses). I think increasing the value up too the sky will slow down the GUI too much. Instead of that I'm trying to remove the service address CIs, those cause many problems. Let's hope it'll solve the problem. I increased the maximum number of displayable CIs from 900 to 1500 as well.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event