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uCMDB integration with third party CMS

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uCMDB integration with third party CMS

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in the future we are facing the challage to integrate HP uCMDB (and BSM with it) with a yet unknown third party CMS system. Can anybody point me to the right place of the documentation where is could find some information what type of interfaces we can offer from the HP side? I did serach the Solutions and Integrations guide quite a bit. But i was only able to find rather specific information. The other CMS is from a very small and unknown manufactor. So i suppose this will be a highly customized integration. And i wonder where i can find documentation for this.


Thanks for the help



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Re: uCMDB integration with third party CMS

Your request is a way to generic to have a specific answer. The details will heavily depend on the integration use case with this 3rd party CMS. For example, the integration direction - from the 3rd party CMS to UCMDB? from UCMDB to the 3rd party CMS? How this 3rd party CMS can accept new data or can expose its own data - DB? XML files? Excel files? and so on and so forth.


Anyway have a look at UCMDB Developer Reference guide for your version of UCMDB. This guide will provide you with enough information to think over. 

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Re: uCMDB integration with third party CMS

thanks a lot for the reply

you are absolutely right with the statement that this is a very generic request. the discussion about the points mentioned by have not yet taken place. but in order to prepare for this i'm looking for some documentation to understand what we can offer from our side. and the document mentioned by you seems to be ideal for this. at this point we have no idea what the other cms can or can not do. so i will do some reading to understand what a possible scenario from our side could look like.

best regards
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