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uCMDB probing and export to SM7

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uCMDB probing and export to SM7

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Hi there,

When importing from uCMDB using agentless probing we are only getting a index number as CI name in SM7 eg CI146, CI147 and so on.

What have we forgot?

anyone with similar experience?




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HPE Expert

Re: uCMDB probing and export to SM7

Try the following:

In SM navigate to Menu Navigation -> Tailoring -> Script Library. Bring up the script library record name "discoveryEvent". Scroll down to a function called createCIName and uncomment this section (just remove /* */)

if ( record.ci_name != null )
return record.ci_name;
if ( record.machine_name != null )
return record.machine_name;
if ( record.network_name != null )
return record.network_name;

Save the record. Delete your records in SM that were previously brought in from uCMDB and run the adapter again to bring in the new records. They should have meaningful CI name.
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Re: uCMDB probing and export to SM7

Thank you...it did the work!

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event