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uCMDB to OMU integration

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uCMDB to OMU integration

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Dear forum,

I am installing in our environment OMU 9, BSM 9.01,uCMDB 9.02 and SM 9.2

We plan to integrate:

- SM with uCMDB (using latest CP and DFM probe)
- OMU with BAC via OMi

and I am wondering if and how to integrate uCMDB with OMU. Is this via OMi again? (I suppose DMA is not in the picture anymore with v9 versions).

Please advise.

Thank you in advance.



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HPE Expert

Re: uCMDB to OMU integration

If you are looking at integration use case that DMA provided (uCMDB->OM) then you are out of luck. OMi is for OM->RTSM (embedded uCMDB instance within BSM) only, not for the opposite direction.
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Re: uCMDB to OMU integration

This what I was getting Dmitri from what I managed to found from docs, etc.

So, my question is what is the proper integration (if any) I should propose to my customer for this new project according to new HP products and standards. For OM-OMi-RTSM I think I get the point.

But is uCMDB-OMU integration anywhere desdcribed or of any meaning with the new versions. I don't need the same as DMA (which in fact gave us some issues when we applied it in 8 version, but this is another issue) - I need whatever I should use for it. Is there anything? Should I go on with this integration? Should I forget about it and explain to the ct that there in no meaning for the new versions? Is there another suggestion? What should you do?

The ct does not have specific requirements for this. We just want to give him the best functionality that could be of any use fo him. The proper and supported by HP functionality.

I think you get what I mean. Thank a lot for your help.

HPE Expert

Re: uCMDB to OMU integration

There are no direct integrations between uCMDB 9 and OM. uCMDB->OM (DMA use case) is not supported for uCMDB 9. OM->uCMDB (directly) was never implemented OOB.

If your customer doesn't have any specific requirements to integrate uCMDB 9 and OM, then you should look at OOB integrations. Specifically, OM->BSM(OMi) with OM originated CIs in RTSM. If those CIs will have to go further to uCMDB (if your customer sees any value to do it) then standard RTSM->uCMDB sync should be used.
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Re: uCMDB to OMU integration

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event