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LeanFT - Can't view Last Run Results

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LeanFT - Can't view Last Run Results

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Using Intellij and created a LeanFT maven project.  The test runs fine, but afterwards, in the LeanFT pull-down menu, the Veiw Last Run Results item is grayed out. Some form of results are created.. Any ideas?

From my TestRunner.java class, sans imports:

features = "src/test/java/com/orasi/Features",
//glue the script to a package where the step definitions can be found.
glue = "com.orasi.StepDefinitions",
plugin = {
tags = {"@TID42009REV0.4.0"}

public class TestRunner {
public void Test() {}

From my TestRunner.java class, sans imports:

public class CompleteContctUsForm {

Browser browser;

@Given("^a customer fills in the Contct Us form$")
public void a_customer_fills_in_the_Contct_Us_form() throws Throwable {

ModifiableSDKConfiguration config = new ModifiableSDKConfiguration();
config.setServerAddress(new URI("ws://localhost:5095"));

browser = BrowserFactory.launch(BrowserType.FIREFOX);

//Contact Us
browser.describe(WebElement.class, new WebElementDescription.Builder()
.tagName("SPAN").innerText("CONTACT US").outerText("CONTACT US").index(0).build()).click();

//first name
browser.describe(Frame.class, new FrameDescription.Builder()
.id("").name("").index(0).build()).describe(EditField.class, new EditFieldDescription.Builder()

@When("^they click the submit button$")
public void they_click_the_submit_button() throws Throwable {

browser.describe(Button.class, new ButtonDescription.Builder()

@Then("^they get the thank you message$")
public void they_get_the_thank_you_message() throws Throwable {





Here are the results:


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event