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PDF and Dialog boxes not recognised on Virtual Desktop when in background


PDF and Dialog boxes not recognised on Virtual Desktop when in background

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I am running a test on a VMWARE box running Windows XP.


I have an interesting problem where if the Virtual Desktop is open on my standard desktop (using MSTSC Remote Connect), then the script runs fine.  Text Checkpoint on a launched PDF is recognised, and passes.


If the remote computer is running in the background, whether that be without a remote connection, or even just minimised on my desktop, then for some reason the PDF is recognised as existing, but QTP sees a blank screen.


I hope I am making sence here.  I am fairly new to QTP, but learning fast.



Here is the problem bit of code.


If window("Adobe Reader").WinObject("AVPageView").Exist(30) Then
Window("Adobe Reader").Activate
Window("Adobe Reader").WinObject("AVPageView").Check CheckPoint("AVPageView")
Window("Adobe Reader").Close
Reporter.ReportEvent 1, "Quotes PDF", "PDF not loaded"

End If



To summarise, if the Virtual Desktop is displayed on my monitor, it works.  If not, it fails.  I cannot think what difference that would make.


To confirm,  all other checkpoints work fine running in the background, and the script runs all the way through.  It seems to only be PDF's it has problems seeing in the background.


Does anyone have any suggestions.




Re: PDF not recognised on Virtual Desktop

Further investigations, and a massive headache, I've discovered I have the same problem with a Windows Internet Explorer Dialog Box.


I have forced all other windows to be minimized, and only the page that displays the dialog box to be on the desktop.  Quicktest Pro still seems to think that the dialog box is there, and that it has clicked the Open button.


Looking at the screen captures within the test results, it is the same situation as the PDF problem.  It is a black box that has been captured. 


The dialog box is there, but QTP doesn't see it, even though it thinks it does.


Re: PDF not recognised on Virtual Desktop

Here is screen capture on test results, if this helps explain my issue.