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Problem with WebFile Object with IE 8

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Problem with WebFile Object with IE 8


I have a script which interacts with  a WebFile object which works fine with IE 6, but against IE 8 after the Open button is clicked to close the WebFile dialog, the scripts runs very slow, taking over a minute to execute each line.


Has anyone else come across this, and even better a solution..?  We're using QTP 10 with patch QTP_000626.


This is the code


'  Click the Add Attachment button
  Browser("Name").Page("Create").WebFile("Add Attachment").Click

  wait 1
  Browser("Name").Dialog("Choose file").WinEdit("Attachment File name").Set AttachmentPath
  Browser("Name").Dialog("Choose file").WinButton("Open").Click


With IE 8, the script becomes very slow after Open is clicked.   Against IE 6 the same script runs fine..




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Re: Problem with WebFile Object with IE 8

You will have better luck getting answers to QTP questions in the forum specifically for QTP, vs. the News forum for Quality Management.


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