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QTP 11 javascript errors

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QTP 11 javascript errors

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Has anyone else seen this .. when recording with QTP 11 I get javascript error messages in IE 8 ... If I stop recording, refresh the page, the errors are gone.

I think it has something to do with the bhomanager.dll, and have tried un-registering and registering it, with no luck.

Any ideas? Thx.




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Re: QTP 11 javascript errors

@kbiggs: Is this problem solved?  How? I have exactly the same problem.

It is not possible to reproduce this problem manually. It happens only when I'm in recording mode.


Can you send me the solution?


Also other users may reply.



Re: QTP 11 javascript errors


I also got the same issue . When I try to launch my application through QTP recording, it crashes I.E

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Re: QTP 11 javascript errors

Try this out:

1) Goto Run, type "regedit".

2) You will be navigated to the registry window.

3) Select HKey Current Users --> Softwares --> Mercury Interactive --> QTP --> mic Test --> Packages --> Web Package --> Settings --> Enable DOM Changes Notification

4) Modify the value to 0 from 1.


Tell me if the problem gets resolved through this.






Re: QTP 11 javascript errors

Already the value is 1. But still the issue exists. please help.

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Re: QTP 11 javascript errors



I am still receiving this error.QTP is not able to identify the object.If i refresh the page QTP started recognizing the object.



let me know if the issue is resolved.




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Re: QTP 11 javascript errors

This sounds like a problem we have been struggling with, too. It seems like QTP is trying to do something with an object before javascript has created it, or whatever.


I found that the "sync" statement helped a lot, but not always.


Ultimately I wrote a function to check for the existence of the object before I used it. You might want to investigate something along those lines.