分享我的技巧 : How to deactivate/deconfigure the CPUs online


分享我的技巧 : How to deactivate/deconfigure the CPUs online

If the system fails with an HPMC and one of the CPU modules is suspect, you can deactivate

its CPU online temporarily. The online diagnostic STM has the Expert Tool and it provides

you the ability of the online CPU deactivation. And also you can mark the CPU to be

deconfigured and it will be deconfigured at the next system boot.

1) Check the CPU status with the HP-UX command "top".

2) Run STM. You can sue CSTM/MSTM/XSTM.

3) Install HP Only password. (System -> License -> Install HP Only...)

4) Run CPU Expert tool. You need to select one CPU at least.

1. Select a line of CPU on the map.

2. Tools -> Expert Tool -> Run

4) Select "Options" in the Expert Tool Menu.

Options - Activate (Allocate)

- Assign

- Deactivate (Deallocate)

- Display

- Mark Deconfig

- Mark Config

5) Select "Deactivate (Deallocate)". The selection menu is displayed.

Select SPU(s) to Activate:

SPU# Phys. Dev# Status:

0 37 Monarch, Active, Configured

1 45 Active, Configured

2 101 Active, Configured

Note: If the STM version is A.28.00, Monarch CPU will not be displayed.

Note: The Monarch CPU cannot be deallocated.

6) Select the CPU that you wish to deallocate and press "OK".

7) The diag message is appeared at the bottom of the screen as follows.

The CPU deactivation was SUCCESSFUL.

SPU Number: 2

Physical Device Number: 101

HPA : fffffffffed65000

Number of Deactivated Processors: 1

8) Select "Options" and run "Display". The current status of each CPUs is displayed.

You may need to use "Page Up/Down" keys for full screen display.

SPU Number: 0

Physical Device: 37

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分享我的技巧 : How to deactivate/deconfigure the CPUs online