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HPE VM Explorer® 6.1.005 (64-bit)

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HPE VM Explorer® 6.1.005 (64-bit)


We were using Trilead VM Explorer v5.4.008.0 and are trying out HPE VM Explorer® 6.1.005 (64-bit) now. I ahve the following questions about HPE VM Explorer® 6.1.005 (64-bit):

1. Does it come in web interface only? I used to love the standard interface as it was so user friendly.

2. How do I transfer files from my local computer to a Datastore (Ulpoad) and from a Datastore to my local computer (Download) from the Web Interface? This version is so complicated and totally not user friendly.

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Re: HPE VM Explorer® 6.1.005 (64-bit)

Any ideas here?

Is this the only type of support for those trialing out this software? How can I buy this software without knowing if it can do what I want it to do?

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Re: HPE VM Explorer® 6.1.005 (64-bit)


Here is response to your queries -

1 - You can still use the legacy (non web based) GUI, from here:

   C:\Program Files (x86)\HPE\VM Explorer\VMX.exe

Note - This option might obsolete in future versions as the focus is on Web intefrace, which is easy to access from any system.

2 - You can use File Explorer (Web Inteface - drop down 'Management' and select 'File Explorer') for download option. File Explorer allows you to view and download files from your ESX, Hyper-V, Linux or FreeBSD hosts. You can choose the server which you want to browse. Simply select the server from the "Select..." dropdown menu.

I don't see upload files option for ESXi/Hyper-v servers through "File explorer" like it was in legacy inreface. You may want to upload files manually (outside VMX) from local computer to datasore.

3 - Regarding support / queries, like upgrade, features on VM Explorer software, if you have valid license/support then you can log a support case using your SAID / 18 digit entitlement order number.

With your SAID you can also access to knowledge base articles via SSO portal - https://softwaresupport.hpe.com  apart from the support tips published in this forum. A limited support on free version is only available via forum.


Ashok Goyat



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Re: HPE VM Explorer® 6.1.005 (64-bit)

Hi Ashok

Thank you for your response. Just to confirm, are you saying that the option to upload files from local computer to datastore is not available at all with HPE VM Explorer® 6.1.005 (64-bit)? Are you suggesting to use vSphere client to upload files to a datastore?

Re: HPE VM Explorer® 6.1.005 (64-bit)


The "File Explorer" feature was not much utilized by VMX users for Download/Uploads. Hence the complete feature was not added to the Web Interface. You can use the below URL to post the suggestion which would be taken into consideration by the Dev Team. Depending on the need it could be added into the web interface in next VMX Software Release.


Hope this helps.



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