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Has anyone experience slow uploads to Amazon S3 cloud?

Occasional Contributor

Has anyone experience slow uploads to Amazon S3 cloud?

I'm testing out the S3 cloud service. 

I'm perfoming a simple backup job and the transfer speeds are horrendous. 0.10 - 0.29 mb/s.

I wasn't sure whether is was the network or what. I'm on a 100 mbps fiber connection and I'm running the backup real late at night with no one on the LAN. There is no other LAN activity going on.

Speedtest results in a slight tad under my advertised 100mbps speed. I don't have any bandwidth contorl on any of my switches, or LAN edge vpn router. I'm all good on my side.

Seems either AT&T has some type of throttling on their equipment, or somethings going on with S3, or even VMX.

That's why I wanted to get everyone's experience with using the Amazon S3 cloud service.

Occasional Contributor

Re: Has anyone experience slow uploads to Amazon S3 cloud?

After futher testing, I believe there is an issue with Amazon S3.

I dumped the raw VM files on an external HDD and went home to upload it to the cloud from my home, just using a simple drag and drop method from my laptop to S3, bypassing VMX. I just wanted to test to see how a normal upload worked. I'm getting the same results. 

Could be because the sheer size of the VM, I don't know. Next I'm going to try breaking up VM files into three different folders and uploading them one by one to see if the speed increases. If it IS a size issue, maybe the speed with increase if I make the source files smaller by seperating them into different folders.

This still won't solve the ultimate issue, as that method won't work in real-time applciation.

Again, wanted to get anyone's feedback on their experience with VMX and Amazon S3. Have your uploads been smooth at optimal speed?

HPE Expert

Re: Has anyone experience slow uploads to Amazon S3 cloud?


I do not have any experience with Amazon S3 cloud.

But before you do not get any reply, here are some suggestions:

1. Contact the Amazon support and ask what upload rate you can expect. Work with them on increasing it.

2. Test the speed by means of a tool, for example:

Let us know how it worked out.

Best regards,


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