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Initial login issues

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Initial login issues

I seem to be stuck logging in. I must have installed the software sometime ago since I don't remember doing any of the setup. Now when I launch the website, I am prompted for login and password in domain\user format. It won't accept any logins, with messages saying it can't complete login, Active Directory <domain> not found. I assume I didn't set it up fully or properly, but without being able to get in, how would I ever check or change that. Resetting password also does not work since the domain is not recognized.

I also notice it says my support expired, although I am good for another 11 months. Again I assume I have yet to enter my license key, but am unable to get anywhere to do so.

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Re: Initial login issues

sorry for the post. I solved my own issue.

the request for Domain\user as a login was throwing me off. Once I realized that is only enterprise and I had to use my 'admin' credentials I made some progress. I also thought, errantly, that clicking on 'Start and Save' was enough to set the new admin password on the web settings form, so I was using the wrong one for a while.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event