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Replication Thin Disk Conversion issue

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Replication Thin Disk Conversion issue


I'm replicating VMs to an iSCSI SAN  , the original esxi source vm volumes are thin disks with differing maximum sizes.

The Replication job is run with the 'convert to thin' option selected in order to maintain the original  configuration [rather than volumes created as thick/lazy zero.]

During the thick-thin conversion os the schedule task the volumes are all ending up as this but with the maximal vmdk size now of 2TB, as determined by the datastore and not the vm's original disk configuration , thus losing any storage quoto imposed at VM level.

Is there a  hidden setting anywhere that will force the replication to maintain their original maximum thin sizes?



[VM Explorer 6.1.002;  ESXi 4.1[essentials] , VMFS-3.46, 8MB, datastore 2TB+2TB extent]


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Re: Replication Thin Disk Conversion issue


The datastore will be the maximum size permissable [with regard to block size etc.] - the vmdk sizes are still carried over correctly.