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recovery of HP VM Explorer database

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recovery of HP VM Explorer database

If you "normally" backup vmware VMs with VM Explorer you can register a virtual machine within vsphere directly, in the case VM Explorer gets lost/corrupted/etc.

But this seems not to be the case with incremental backups. If I have lost my VM Explorer installation, how can I recover incremental backups?


Re: recovery of HP VM Explorer database


In such scenario (Full or Full+Incremental), you can recover any VM after VMX has been freshly installed or reinstalled. 

Using File Explorer, browse to the drive/directory where the VM is located. This would include all the full and incremental backups of the VM. Right click on the vmxbackup.xml file and select Restore Backup.


In the restore window you would get the list of backups performed for the VM. Select the incremental version and start the restore. This will restore the full + subsequent incrementals.


Hope this helps.




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