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11iv3 System Container ROOTPATH on NFS mount problem

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11iv3 System Container ROOTPATH on NFS mount problem

I'm using SRP A.03.01.005 and I can create a system container in /var/hpsrp no problem. However, I want to mount an NFS share here so I can have it cross-mounted with another server and import/export containers. If I mount the share and create a container, it completes fine but I get this error on starting (running as root):


# srp -v -start usav1hpux01t
mounting SRP home filesystem ...
starting srp_init  ...
srp_su: Failed to change directory to /var/hpsrp/usav1hpux01t: Permission denied
chroot() failed errno: 13
Error starting srp_init:
SRP usav1hpux01t started


The container will start but I get a similar chroot() error when I try to srp_su and permission denied, etc.


I've tried exporting the NFS share with anon=0 but that has no effect. Also I can run  stuff like:


# chroot /var/hpsrp/usav1hpux01t /bin/ls /
.profile  .sw       dev       home      net       sbin      tmp       var
.srp      bin       etc       lib       opt       stand     usr


What could the problem be?