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Re: Aries in HP9000 Containers

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Aries in HP9000 Containers

I am looking for some guidance with how to add entries in the .ariesrc and .aries64rc file.  Also after modifying these files, does the container have to be stopped and then started again before the entires are read by the contianer? 


I am looking to add the following options into a .ariesrc located in a container directory:  -mem_order and -mem_fence.





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Re: Aries in HP9000 Containers

Yes containers must be rebooted. All parameters for the .ariesrc are covered in

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Re: Aries in HP9000 Containers

For HP 9000 Containers, the .ariesrc and .aries64rc files must be placed in container root path, the root directory as seen while being inside the container.


Format of ARIES RC file is


<full path to executable>     -mem_order -mem_fence

<app_directory_path>/*       <aries options>


ARIES first reads system wide RC file placed in root directory, then it searches for RC files in application directories and finally looks for RC files in effective users's home directory ($HOME). ARIES RC file processing is additive in nature i.e. options processed from earlier RC files are NOT forgotten, they can be overridden by subsequent RC files or subsequent lines in same RC file.


Refer to aries(5) man page on your system.


There is no need to reboot the container after making changes to ARIES RC files. It is sufficient to restart the affected applications inside the container.





Re: Aries in HP9000 Containers


Thank you for the clarification.  I assume the process for backing out the change is to remove the entry, stop/start the application and it will be back to original, correct?

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Re: Aries in HP9000 Containers

That's correct. You can back out an entry by placing '#' character at the beginning of a line.