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Auto file entry in all integrity vpars

Trusted Contributor

Auto file entry in all integrity vpars



I have an intergrity superdome server where i am running 5 vpars. I need your help to know what should be the Auto file entry in all those vpars.


i was just miorroring one of the vpars root disk and when i checked the AUTO file entry in it using below command,


efi_cp -d /dev/rdisk/disk5_p1 -u /EFI/HPUX/AUTO /tmp/auto


i found this,


# cat /tmp/auto
boot vmunix


I am confused, if this is the correct entry, or it should be "boot vpmon -a" here.


My question is:-


1. I mean we need "boot vpmon -a"  to boot mon, but is it only required in primary disk of first vpar and all others can have "boot vmunix" or not?

2. If all vpars must have "boot vpmon -a", then what about during all vpar boot. will they try to load the mon again and again, even it is already in place?





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Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Auto file entry in all integrity vpars

The first vPar would have the vpmon auto file. You have to decide whether everything starts at once (vpmon -a) or whether you need to watch each vPar to troubleshoot problems. vpmon is the vPar wrapper that enables vPars to function. The rest of the vPars would boot using vmunix. Only one vpmon can run.


However, you did say that you are mirroring drives. So the recommended boot string would be:


boot vmunix -lq


which will allow the vPar to boot with the loss of one disk (low quorum).

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Auto file entry in all integrity vpars

>> I have an intergrity superdome server

SuperDome2 or an earlier model?


# model

from the OS.

Hope this helps!

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