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Creating VPAR for the first time

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Creating VPAR for the first time


I freshly installed HP-UX DC OE. What are the steps involved in creating VPAR.


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Re: Creating VPAR for the first time

It depends on the version you want to install (5.x or 6.x).


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Re: Creating VPAR for the first time



What is the difference between the physical server and the VSP?

Primesh Abeysinghe
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Re: Creating VPAR for the first time

VSP should be a physical server, In HP-UX and many more hypervisors.  Since we are talking about HP-Ux it should be Rx server or RP server or Itenium blade.

To create Vpar

#vparcreate –P <vparname>  -a memory:4G –a cpu:3

Like that

You can edit existing vpar using


See the status


Adding disk you you can straight away add disk path or if it is fiber or SCSI you can add the path of the card

To disk and network you have to add as “avio” devices.

#vparmodify –P <vparname> -m disk:avio_stor::disk:/dev/rdisk/disk20


You may need to create vswitches

#vparnet –c –S vslan1 –n 1 (only the ppa number is used to indicate the lan)

Start & stop the switch:

#vparnet –b –S vslan1

#vparnet –h -S vslan1

To show vswitch status

#vparnet –S vslan1

Add port to vpar

# vparmodify -P <vparname> -a network:avio_lan::vswitch:vslan1:portid:2



reffer the attached doument you can download more in internet will give you more information


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