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HP IVM guest issue BOOT DISK

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HP IVM guest issue BOOT DISK

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Hi ,


We have HP IVM envt in our setup.

Where base OS is hpux 11iv3  and guest OS is 11iv2 .

We ahev boot disk from SAN assigned to base OS we dont know why it is assigned.

So we just unpresented it from EMC VNX5500 , to our horror the guest OS stopeed responding for those 2 min, and when we presenetd it back to Base OS all was fine again.


What could be the connection of ths lun from BASE to GUEST O.S ??????


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Re: HP IVM guest issue BOOT DISK

Check if this disk is assigned to Guest using

# hpvmstatus -v -p "guest"




hpvmdevmgmt -l check for the disk




Re: HP IVM guest issue BOOT DISK

check the status from hpvmstatus -v and find out if the said disk is assign to any guest.
Connection of luns from base to guest is, either you can assign the disk direct to guest using NPIV or you can use the luns from base machine as a lv partition or raw partition to assign the guest.